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Names and IDs are referred to nomenclature system of MESH. User can input Dermatological disorders MESH ID in the field or Name, the auto complete feature will place the value of MESH ID in the field. Some OMIM IDs are also present in the database. So, users are advised to enter if proper IDs are not Known.

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User are required to enter Gene Symbols as per HGNC.

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MiRNA names are also as per HGNC.


Select the no. of disease (2 or 3)

Venn Diagrams will show the common MiRNAs. Hover over the respective section of venn Diagram to see the number of MiRNAs in common.

Also click on the “Show” Bottom for proper listing of common MiRNAs.

Network Analysis:

Enter disease name or Mesh Ids (see Search Database advisers)

Loading network may take same time depending on the size of network.


Blue-Eclipse: Disease, Green-Square: Genes, Yellow-Rhombus: MiRNAs

Black-edge: Linked Disease & Gene, Red-Edge: Linked Gene & MiRNA

Network can be download in "sif" format by clicking "Download Network.sif" button. The downloaded network can be viewed and edited in cytoscape. And also can be used for furture analysis using other tools.

Also click “show” button to see a table representation of common MiRNAs between genes in the networks.